Stone Flagon Whisky LLC is a family owned company that involved in production & distilling scotch whisky near to 50 years. Owned by Dr. James LaJevic’s brother in law of Late “Stanley J. Stankiwicz (1942-2001), the “Scotch Baron”, founder and president of Twelve Stone Flagons Ltd.

Barons Select Label is a trade mark line of products from Stone Flagon whisky LLC, Baron’s Select label represent the sprit and the perfection of the Late “Stanley J. Stankiwicz, the “Scotch Baron”.

Barron’s Select Label Productions

Scotch Whisky
Baron’s Select scotch whisky’s are distilled, blended & bottled in Scotland by Douglas Laing & Co. Ltd/Hunter Laing & Co. Ltd, one of the oldest independent bottlers in the market

Baron’s Select Cognac is distilled & bottled in France by SAS Arrivé.